Sprains, Fractures, and Wounds



Is the pain, swelling, and bruising in your foot or ankle getting worse? Your difficulty walking may mean you tore soft tissues or broke a bone. Not to worry, we offer the best diagnostics and top innovative therapies in the country. Come in, let us evaluate, and together with a little bit of work, we’ll get you moving pain free in no time.

Learn More About Your Therapy Options

Foot Mobilization

This groundbreaking technique gently realigns joints and strengthens the muscles of the foot to relieve soft tissue pain.

WellWave ESWT

A non-invasive medical advancement that utilizes the power of shock waves to assist the body in healing itself.

Surgical Treatment

We are highly trained specialists and your feet couldn’t be in better hands but surgery is our last resort for treatment. It is always our goal to heal you in the best, least invasive, way possible.