Sports Medicine



As an athlete, no one relies on their feet and ankles more than you do, and no one pushes them to their limits more either. When that twist or tweak persists and something doesn’t feel quite right, turn to us. We can evaluate your gait and help you make personalized adjustments to prevent more serious injuries in the future.

If you’ve already pushed beyond that, we will formulate the best treatment plan using our innovative technologies to get you back out there. We work our hardest to make sure you’re as good as new and better than before.

Learn More About Your Therapy Options


Using advanced diagnostic tools and materials specifically designed to counter your ailment, custom Orthotics can realign and alleviate pain in the foot, heel, and ankle as well as treat bursitis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

WellWave ESWT

A non-invasive medical advancement that utilizes the power of shock waves to assist the body in healing itself.

Treadmill Analysis

We analyze your gait via a treadmill and other diagnostic technology to pinpoint the cause or causes of your pain. Seeing you in motion allows us to measure angles, calculate degrees of movement, and ultimately, get to the root of your ailment.