Have you ever thought about how you lace your shoes? Many of us haven’t thought much about it since we were 4 and first learned to tie our own shoes. But Ian Fieggen, from Australia, has devoted a large amount of his time creating the largest and most comprehensive web site about shoe lacing that we’ve ever seen. Visit Ian’s Shoelace Site to see many different lacing patterns. If you have kids, they will love this site. Try some different patterns and see how fancy you can get. If you are having pain on the top of your foot, and you have a pressure point there, try Ian’s Gap Lacing Technique. Or if your shoe doesn’t fit quite right, you can try the Sawtooth Method to help align the shoe better. He will also teach you 5 different ways to tie your shoes using two different colors, and has links to online stores to buy colored shoelaces. So have fun with your shoes, and see how creative you can get!