Twin Cities Foot and Ankle Clinic now offers the WellWave Acoustic Trigger Point therapy system in our office. Dr. Felton and Dr. Hechter are two of the first doctors in Minnesota to have this technology available for treatment of both chronic and acute injuries. The most common uses in the lower extremity are Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis, although this technology can be used in any joint, muscle or tendon in the body to help repair damage and decrease pain.

  • Well Wave uses very low frequency sound waves to break up scar tissue
  • There will be some slight discomfort over the affected area, but absolutely no pain on healthy unaffected tissue
  • Well Wave can safely be used over metal implants because it does not cause a heat response in tissues
  • Many patients experience significant relief after just the first treatment

We have been having very good results with the Well Wave so far. Our athletes have been back to their activities much more quickly, and some patients who had been limited for longer than 10 years have increased their mobility and decreased pain.

Just this week, a patient who had not been able to golf at all last year due to Achilles Tendon pain told us that she had walked 18 holes with NO PAIN after the Well Wave was used. What would YOU like to accomplish before summer ends?

Please visit the Well Wave website for even more information