“I’m too embarrassed to show this nail to the doctor” (warning: graphic content)

One of the problems we see at Twin Cities Foot and Ankle Clinic is that some people are too embarrassed to show their feet, even to the doctor.  There is one patient I recall who never went barefoot, because growing up, feet were treated as “private parts”, never to be shown.  This is cultural for some, just squeamishness for others.


This is the toe of a woman in her 50’s who just didn’t want anyone to see the nail when it began to grow in like this. ,

or this elderly patient who refused to take off her shoes for her family .

There is this young woman in her 20’s who never wore sandals because she was embarrassed about the appearance of this baby toe

There are people who look at an  toenail that is starting to change in appearance,

  but they don’t come in because they are embarrassed, and the next year it could look like this:   


Bunions and hammertoes start out mild, like this: , but if left untreated, could end up like this: .

Of course, that change won’t happen overnight, but the time to start treatment is when it is very mild.


We would rather seen an ingrown toenail when it looks like this:  than wait until it looks like this:


So, just know that as bad as you think your foot looks, we’ve seen worse!!  Please schedule an appointment today!