Dr. Hechter on Twin Cities Live

See Dr. Hechter’s appearance on Twin Cities Live with Emily Engberg from September, 2013. There has been quite a bit of interest about the Well Wave, and it has been getting quite amazing results!! See our patient MK Countryman discuss her case and how the Well Wave resolved her pain. Well Wave is Acoustic Compression Therapy now available in our office. It is also known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy. Take a look….

Watch Our Patient on Jay Leno

One of our long-time patients, Marjorie Johnson will be appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno show on Monday!! Don’t worry, we asked, and she gave us permission to tell you!

She has appeared with him several times and is always much fun to watch. She says she’ll be cooking with Jay and Magic Johnson on the Monday, Sept 30th show. Marjorie always has Jay in stitches when she appears on his show, so catch it if you can!!


Dr. Hechter just returned from a photography trip to Katmai National Park in Alaska, where the main attraction is the North American Black Bears fishing in the falls for salmon. At the same time, in Minnesota, our own Dr. Lynn Rogers was fighting for his right to keep studying these marvelous animals. So we dedicate our blog today to some of their photographs and some interesting facts.

1.Black bears have short, non-retractable claws that give them an excellent tree-climbing ability

2. Human nails grow at different speeds on both hands. If you are right-handed, the nails on your right hand will grow faster than the nails on your left hand and vice versa.

3. The claws on the front paws of bears are longer than on the back, which is useful for climbing trees. Some large bears have front claws almost 5″ long.

4. In human beings, men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails and finger nails for both genders grow faster than toe nails.

5. For Humans, nails grow at the rate of 0.1 mm daily (or 1 cm in every 100 days). So, for a finger nail to regrow completely, it takes between 4 and 6 months. For toe nails, the period of complete regrow is 12 to 18 months.

6. Like people, all bears except pandas walk by putting their feet flat on the ground. This kind of walking is called “plantigrade.” In contrast to bears, other large animals, including dogs, horses, and even elephants, walk on their toes.


7. While most bears have bare feet, the paws of polar bears have fur on the bottoms and between the toes. Bears lose most of their heat from their paws.

8. The soles of human feet contain more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body.

9. Because bears can walk short distances on their hind legs, some Native Americans called them, “the beast that walks like a man.”

Thank you to Dr. Rogers for his photograph of Bear Feet

Do you have questions?

Are there things regarding your feet that you’ve had questions about, but weren’t sure where to go to look for reliable answers? We all know there’s a lot of bad information out there on the internet. What is a trusted source for information about surgery or your orthotics or ingrown toenails? The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has the Foot Health Facts web site, which has quite a bit of interesting information on the latest research and trends. The American Podiatric Medical Association has a portion of its website devoted to information for the public. There is an Ask the Expert section where you can submit questions of your own. Sometimes it helps to know where to look to find answers you can trust rather than all the comments and horror stories floating around on bulletin boards. Happy Browsing!

Dr. Sperling Hechter on WCCO

Our very own Dr. Sperling Hechter was interviewed on WCCO radio, on the Mondale and Jones show. Here are the links to the interviews, Part I and Part II from February, 2009. The interview may be from a few years ago, but the information and humor are still relevant. It is also nice to hear our friend Eleanor Mondale, whom we all miss very much. We lost Eleanor to brain cancer in 2011, but her humor and energy still survive. Dr. Sperling Hechter was very grateful to have been able to meet her and spend this time with her at the radio station. Enjoy!


First it was coffee, then it was chocolate, then it was running barefoot vs. using shoes, now they have taken on stretching. Remember in the 80’s when people tore muscles in aerobic classes because of all the bouncing? Then there was a huge outcry in the exercise community about NO BOUNCING DURING STRETCHING and it became a static stretch, meaning you stretch…………and ……….. hold…………it. It may feel better, and it may save the torn muscle fibers, but now we find that it actually makes the muscle fibers weaker. Read on, in this article by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times last week about the study recently done that shows just how much weaker stretching actually makes us. Let us know. Is this your experience too? Or do you feel like stretching has helped you perform better, especially later in life?

Guess who won the Angie’s List 2012 Super Service Award…..US

We have been informed by Angie’s List that we have been awarded the Super Service Award for 2012! That is a big deal in the Angie’s List world! It means that our patients are finding us online through Angie’s List, and that they have been pleased with our care and our service! Angie’s List only works when members go back and let them know what they liked (or didn’t like) about their visit to Twin Cities Foot and Ankle Clinic. We are very proud of this honor. Currently we have the highest ranking on Angie’s List in the Twin Cities area! Thank you Angie’s List members!!

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