We’ve missed you. Our last post was in August. There have been a lot of fun articles in the news regarding feet and shoes.
First, we have Deborah Jacobs in Forbes Magazine who talks to us about our Baby Boomer feet, and the pains of finding shoes that fit well, but don’t look like they belong on Grandma. Career Coach Marty Nemko discusses Shoe Obsession Disorder and how it can actually boost your career. Think running in Vibram Five-Finger shoes looks odd? How about a new running shoe called the Split Hoof, based on the Japanese Tabi, which will be on store shelves this summer? Of course, the barefoot vs. shod running debate still lingers, and will continue. We’ll look at that further in a future post. OK, on a lighter note, how about a web site dedicated to photos of celebrities’ feet? And lastly, here are some weird foot facts to make you wonder.

Until next time….